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Eventbrite - 2018 Synergy Summit for Cultural & Heritage Tourism

Why a Cultural and Heritage Tourism Summit?  Florida does tourism quite well, as a matter of fact, to the tune of $108.8 billion from 112.8 million tourists who visited our State in 2016. Yet, these tourism dollars and tourists’ foot traffic have not made an economic impact in many of our heritage neighborhoods and multicultural communities.

Many of our tour operators, tour guides, attractions and tourism-related small businesses are not active participants in Florida’s tourism ecosystem and the time is now for more inclusion and engagement. The Summit will convene “Tourism Power Players” for the purpose of broadening the conversation around inclusion and collaboration that can strengthen cultural and heritage tourism and help sustain Florida’s positioning as a top tourism destination.

The South Florida Synergy Summit for Cultural and Heritage Tourism will host and engage more than 200 Summit attendees in discussions that will:

  • Build new and strengthen existing alliances for broader participation in support of public policy impacting tourism in Florida
  • Enhance education of attractions, tour operators and tourism-related small businesses about the tourism industry, tourists’ expectations and effective tourism marketing
  • Increase awareness for concierges, CVBs, DMCs, travel agents, meeting planners about unknown attractions, tour operators and tourism experiences in heritage neighborhoods and multicultural communities that can be marketed to domestic and international tourists
  • Share tourism best practices and establish industry standards among attractions, tour operators and guides
  • Target and market our destinations to multicultural audiences
  • Introduce new tourism careers and business start-up opportunities
  • Create cross promotional opportunities among “Tourism Power Players" across city & county lines and causeways
  • Enhance promotion of cultural and heritage tourism regionally, statewide and nationally