2019 Summit Keynote Speaker

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Roger Dow, President & CEO

U.S. Travel Association


OCTOBER 1, 2019

friday, May 10, 2019 | 11:00am-12:15pm

Diversity & Disparity in the Hospitality & Tourism Industry

Join a candid discussion on diversity and disparity as it relates to the hospitality & tourism industry. What role does diversity and inclusion play in ensuring representation of diverse workers as both service providers and executive management? What role does race play, if any, in determining which types of job and business opportunities are accessible to diverse groups working in hotels, restaurants, Convention & Visitors Bureaus, major cultural institutions and attractions? How can hospitality & tourism industry leaders create a culture of inclusion and diversity to attract a workforce reflective of our multicultural society? What role does community & economic development agencies and educational institutions play in ensuring and supporting the advancement of local residents & college students from urban and rural areas in the hospitality & tourism industry?

MODERATOR: Lea Murray, Executive Director, Collaborising, Inc.

PANELISTS: Corinna Moebius, Author & Owner, Little Havana Tours, PhD Candidate | Graylyn Swilley-Woods, Community Tourism Expert & Executive Director, Overtown Children & Youth Coalition, PhD Candidate | Professional Gene Tinnie, Board Chair, Virginia Key Beach Park

FRIDAY, May 10, 2019 | 2:30pm-3:45pm

The Story Keepers: How Cultural Institutions are Preserving the Plights & Prevails of Our People

Join our distinguished panel of cultural heritage and preservation leaders and trailblazers as they share the importance of protecting and preserving the rich history of marginalized cultural groups. Hear these story keepers discuss the impetus behind some of Florida's most culturally relevant institutions and the challenges faced and triumphs achieved to preserve the voices, accomplishments and memories of people they were built to represent.

MODERATOR: Eveline Pierre, Executive Director, Haitian American Heritage Museum

PANELISTS: Dr. Dorothy Fields, Founder, Black Archives/ Lyric Theater | Dr. Paul Backhouse, Director, Seminole Tribe of Florida, Ah Tah Ka Thi Museum | Althamese Barnes, Founder, Florida African American Heritage Preservation Network

The Role & Importance of Multicultural Tourism for Engaging Local Communities

Many Convention & Visitor Bureaus (CVBs), Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) and Cultural Councils do not have established multicultural tourism departments or programs. Hear from top multicultural & cultural tourism executives on the role CVBs and Councils play in ensuring diversity and inclusion is a priority for engaging community stakeholders as well as attracting multicultural audiences to their destinations. Learn how to partner with CVBs or Cultural Councils to support your cultural program and access resources available to support visitors you bring to your community.

MODERATOR: Arminda Figueroa, President & CEO, Latin2Latin Marketing + Communications

PANELISTS: Albert Tucker, VP, Multicultural Business Development, Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau | Sherri Brown, Multicultural Business Development, Visit Tampa Bay | Graylyn Swilley-Woods, Multicultural Tourism Expert 

Build It Right & They Will Come: How To Build International & National Audiences Through Local Cultural Events

Have you ever wondered how large, successful annual events were birthed? What does it take to turn your vision or idea for a program, festival, conference or parade into a well-funded, well-produced and well-attended event? We have gathered some of the top producers for annual major cultural events in the South Florida market to share their mistakes made, lessons learned and best practices for conceptualizing, planning and executing successful special events that attract both locals and visitors to a destination.

MODERATOR: George Neary, Cultural Tourism Expert, Owner & Tour Guide, Tours R Us

PANELISTS: Lisa Scott-Founds, President, Winterfest Parade | William Fuller, President, Viernes Culturales | Mayor Oliver Gilbert, City of Miami Gardens Jazz in the Gardens

Achieving Success & Sustainability in Cultural Heritage Tourism

If you are a local or county government, economic development or community redevelopment agency, community planner, heritage, preservation or tourism organization, educational or cultural institution, attraction or business, this session will help you gain a better understanding of cultural heritage tourism as an excellent strategy for blending economic development and public education to help preserve and showcase your local cultural heritage community assets. Our panel of leading cultural heritage and sustainable tourism experts from across the State and country offer helpful starting points for building a local tourism strategy to connect historic places and cultural traditions with potential visitors seeking authentic experiences in your city or county.

MODERATOR: Dr. John Buschman, Lecturer, Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management, Florida International University

PANELISTS: Cheryl Hargrove, President, HTC Partners & Author, "Cultural Heritage Tourism: 5 Steps to Success & Sustainability" | Dr. Brooke Hansen, Director of Sustainable Tourism, University of South Florida | Charlene Farrington, Director, Spady Cultural Heritage Museum

*Cheryl Hargrove will have books available to sign in the Summit Expo

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